Noel O'Grady - background information

The sentiments underpinning this musical collection owes much to Irish writer and poet Patrick Kavanagh, (1904 - 1967). The replica watches reality of his poetry is the theme of love. His wonderful poem 'Raglan Road' is one of the greatest love-songs of the twentieth century. It reflects his hublot replica uk experience of love: its enchantment, danger and disappointment. His candour in penning these lines is tag heuer replica uk of a spiritual insight that permeates his work.

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Kavanagh's writing prompted Noel to consider other experiences of love expressed with equal honesty and nuance elsewhere in Irish music, ancient and modern. Like Kavanagh, he knew that what is most rolex replica and unique in each one of us, if expressed or shared, is often the very element that speaks most deeply to others. For this reason the words and music he has recorded in this album disclose so authentically emotions rolex replica uk from secret love to forbidden love, from lost love to unrequited love.

The very work of producing this album became in itself a labour of love. Noel single-handedly crafted and supervised every detail of its gestation and birth with meticulous care. 

He was guided throughout  the process by one simple principle: a determination to ensure that the quality of the finished product would do justice to its content and bring pleasure to all who acquire it.

This venture has taken a long, long time to come to fruition. But then again, that's how long it takes to produce something timeless.